Restoring Hope and Crafting a Future for Exploited Women and Children.
MADE IN HOPE empowers women and children who have been rescued from the global sex trade (human trafficking) to break the cycle of exploitation and secure their freedom by providing education, sustainable livelihood opportunities, and care in the healing process. MADE IN HOPE also advocates for the still enslaved, increasing global awareness and mobilizing support. Our mission is founded in the love of Jesus, who has a plan for each of us, giving us all a future MADE IN HOPE.

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The United Nations (Economic and Social Commission of Asia and the Pacific) states:

“The Asia Pacific region is seen as the most vulnerable region for trafficking because of its huge population pyramid, growing urbanization, and extensive poverty. Trafficking is a violation of human rights. Victims of trafficking suffer from physical and mental abuse and social stigmatization. They become isolated, losing ties with their former lives and families. At the societal level, trafficking undermines development efforts and raises social and health costs. The ongoing abuses of human rights and the growing social and economic inequality within and between countries has led to an environment in which many women have few choices and resources, and are thus vulnerable to being lured, mislead or forced into being trafficked. Women who are most vulnerable to being trafficked are those aged 10-35 and who are impoverished, uneducated or from indigenous, ethnic minority, rural or refugee groups. Such women often lack access to education and meaningful employment opportunities. Harmful cultural and customary practices also perpetuate discriminatory and violent practices that further diminish women’s opportunities and lead to further marginalization and commodification.”